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Islām Station and Process Buy it

Islām, Station and Process is the second installment in the Islām-Dynamic Project.

In this exciting sequel to Islām, Sign and Creation Idris Samawi Hamid constructs, for the first time ever in a Western language, a comprehensive and multi-dimensional topography of the primordial tradition of Islāmic spiritual wayfaring, based only on the most primary sources of the Qurʾān and the Prophetic traditions.

The universal aspect of Islām rooted in each human being's act of primordial nature or fiṭrah is emphasized. From cosmological anthropology we are taken twice on a spiral journey through the layers of spiritual development and knowledge:

In the first spiral, Hamid identifies the various stations of the journey. In the second spiral, he then gives an overview of the process of moving from one layer to the next, ending finally with the full realization of the knowledge and love of God. This is then rounded off with a discussion of the Islāmic framework of normative ethics.