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Congratulations to all of our readers and subscribers on this, the first day of the Equinox. For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the first full day of Spring and Rebirth (in South Asia called Nawrūz, the first day of the New Year in the solar Islāmic calendar).

After remaining dormant for exactly one full year, is now,  inshāAllāh, awakening from its slumber on this auspicious day. The hiatus began with a server crash; after recovering from the crash a number of critical functions were left broken and difficult to fix. Combined with a number of other factors it became clear that  Allāh  (SWT) had made a decision (qaḍāʾ) to put this project on hold for a time. The matter was turned over (tafwīḍ) to Him: InshāAllāh we fully assent (taslīm) to His Command; are well-pleased (riḍā) with His Decision (Qaḍāʾ ); and totally rely (tawakkul) upon Him to get this project moving again.

A group of people once came to the Prophet during one of his travels, and the Prophet asked them about their identity:

They replied: We have entered the sanctuary of dynamic belief (Īmān), O Messenger of Allāh! The Prophet said, What is the inner reality of your Īmān? They replied: Well pleased-ness with the decree of Allāh, delegation of all our affairs to Allāh, and full assent to the Command of Allāh. The Prophet said, These are people of knowledge, people of wisdom, on the basis of their wisdom they could almost be prophets! That is, if you really are truthful. So do not build that which you do not live in; do not gather [crops] that you do not eat; and be dynamically aware of Allāh to whom you shall be returned!

And Imām ʿAlī has said:

Īmān has four foundations: Well-pleased-ness (riḍā) with the decree of Allāh, total reliance (tawakkul) upon Allāh, delegation (tafwīḍ) of all affairs to Allāh, and full assent (taslīm) to the Command of Allāh.

Despite the outward embarrassment of such a long absence, it appears that this time has served a very important purpose, confirming the Wisdom of  Allāh  (SWT) .  InshāAllāh is now in a much better position to fulfill its  mission than a year ago. We thank Him and ask his forgiveness for our shortcomings.

To all of our supporters and subscribers: Our deep apologies for the long absence, and our profound thanks for your patience. The titles in our Bookstore are currently out of print. InshāAllāh we hope to have them reissued in the not-too-distant future, as soon as possible. Our webmaster is also working hard to smooth out any remaining rough patches.

There will be more updates soon, inshāAllāh, including more reflections. Thank you all again and